Best Romantic Novels of All Time

Romantic genres are what are the best one. It is the most favorite or wanted stories of readers especially for those in love or even those singles and brokenhearted. I think everyone are fantasizing on their own love story but not all have a happy endings.

Les Liaisons Dangereuses


It is a French novel that was first published on March 23, 1782 and was written by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos.The story was focused on Vicomte de Valmont and Marquise de Merteuil that was using their seducing talents to humiliate and to ruin the life of other people. At the end Valmont had died because of a duel and let Marteuil suffers her life because of the letter that proves that she was involve in Valmonts scheme. Her face has a permanent scar that loses her greatest asset in life.

Pride and Prejudice


It is a novel by Jane Austen and was published on 1813. It is a story of Elizabeth Bennet that was the second to five sisters of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. Her mother was concerned on who is suitable husbands for her daughters. The story implies that having a high pride and also for being a judgmental can’t be a person to be love. Elizabeth Bennet focused on what has other say to the person she like and ended up of disliking them. As time goes, she definitely know who is Darcy really is in her own description and interpretation.This story have a lesson you will learn that don’t mind of what others say just stick to what is your heart say and your truly want in life.

Jane Eyre


It is a novel that was written by Charlotte Brontë. It was first published on October 16, 1847. It is a story of Jane Eyre‘s life from childhood until when she grows. When she was 10 years old, she lives in her aunt’s house together with her cousins but she was totally abused there. And then she was sent by her aunt into an institution where poor girls are studying. After so many years she have leave that place and go to other place to teach a student. She was in Thornfield and that was the time she met her man of her life which is Edward Rochester. Many circumstances had happened in their love story but ended as being with each other and have married. They have their first born son that was the blessing for them by god.
Wuthering Heights


It is a novel that was written by Emily Brontë and was published on 1847. It is a story that happened in Wuthering Heights. A love story of Heathcliff and Catherine that whatever things they do was not enough to forgive their love for each other. She can’t marry him because she has already a husband and a daughter. Later that, Heathcliff turn his attention to other girl and Catherine become ill causing her to died. At the end, the characters don’t happily lived because they are not happy on their lives. This novel is already has a movie that you can watch their story.